Neurological Disorders – Evidence Based Practice

             Postgraduate Program of Studies in “Neurological Disorders – Evidence Based Practice”     


Program of Postgraduate Studies in “Neurological Disorders-Evidence Based Practice”


The Nursing Department of Faculty of Health and Care Sciences of University West Attica has organized and run since the academic year 2014-15 a postgraduate course on “neurological disorders-evidence based practice”.


Purpose of the course

The purpose of the course is to educate and specialize new scientists in the broad and expanding areas of Neurological and Neurosurgery Science.


Aims of the course

Provision of specialized knowledge in health professionals and development of key staff members able to do research and educate in Health Care on the target for evidence based practice in neurological patients.

The course is appropriate for health professionals with an experience in neurological health care and want to advance their clinical expertise, to develop their professional career and advance their knowledge in research and evidence based practice.


The graduates of the course would be able to:

  • Understand and solve the problems of neurological patients and their families. Would be able to work in Neuro and Neurosurgery units and rehabilitation centers.
  • To plan and implement nursing care in neuro patients and act autonomously with neuro patients and their families in the community (counseling), home care.
  • To plan and participate in research focused on advanced neurological care.
  • To work in position that requires high level of knowledge and skills in neurology.


Course duration for successfully award of the title is 4 academic semesters.


The postgraduate course leads to the award of a postgraduate degree in “Neurological Disorders-Evidence Based Practice” from of University West Attica.


Director of the Course is Dr Chrysoula Tsiou, Professor, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health and Caring Sciences, University of West Attica.


 The postgraduate course is over now, so it doesn’t provide courses and doesn’t accept new students.