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0030 210-5385642

Name: Dokoutsidou Eleni                                                 Code ΑPELLA: 2566

Current Position: Associate Professor

Scientific Domain: Gastroenterological Nursing – Gastroenterology System Endoscopies”

Sector: Pathological and Surgical Nursing   

Administrative positions: 1. Member of Coordinating Committee of the MPS “Management of Chronic Diseases”, Department of Nursing, PADA. 2. Member of electorate (2017 and 2019) etc. activities.

Laboratory:Building 13, 1st floor, class 105, 0030 210-5385642

Τηλέφωνο Γραφείου: 0030 210-5385642


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Web of Science:

The name as mentioned in the international scientific publications: Dokoutsidou – Dokoutsidou Eleni – Helen Dokoutsidou – Dokoutsidou Helen.

Education: Doctoral Degree (PhD) (NKUA, 2011), Postgraduate Degree (MSc) (NKUA, 2007), and Degree in Nursing (NKUA, 2003 and TEI Athens 1993).

Research interests: Gastroenterology-Endoscopy Nursing, Infections Control Nursing and Medical/Pathology Nursing.

Academic appointments: 30/6/2010-25/8/2015, Lecturer, 25/8/2015-8/7/2021, Assistant Professor and 8-7-2021 till today, Associate Professor.

Professional experience: 8-3-1993 έως 30-6-2010: General Hospital “O Evagelismos-Polyclinic”, and “Medical Center” of Athens.

Courses Taught

  1. Undergraduate courses: Gastroenterology-Endoscopy Nursing, Infection Control Nursing, Α΄ Aid, Medical Nursing I, Medical Nursing II, Clinical Nursing I, Clinical Nursing II, and Pathophysiology.
  2. Postgraduate courses: ‘Special Clinical Nursing Issues’, MSc “Chronic Disease Management”, Department of Nursing, PADA, and ‘Infections’, MSc “Treatment and Care of Wounds and Ulcers”, Department of Nursing, PADA and “Intensive Care Units”, Medical School, NKUA.

Other information:

  1. Editorial work: writing and editing of scientific books and practices, and Member of the Editorial Committee of the Magazine “”Hellenic Journal of Nursing’’ and “Rostrum of Asclepius”.
  2. Distinctions-Awards for Research Papers: three (3) research papers from nursing-scientific activities.
  3. Research programs: NSRF, ERASMUS, and participation in non-funded projects.
  4. Work in Scientific Conferences: presentations and in Greek and international conferences and member of their scientific and organizational committees.
  5. Member of Scientific Organizations / Companies: in six (6) and Chairman of the Chairman of the ESNE Scoring Committee (International Continuing Nursing Educational Credits (ICNECs).
  6. Social Work: social activities of the National Nurses Association of Greece (ESNE).


Recent publications

  1. Sophia Demeneopoulou, Marianna Mantzorou, Petra Mandysova, Nikoletta Margari, Eleni Dokoutsidou, Aggeliki Tsiligianni, Chrysoula Tsiou, Theodoula Adamakidou. Translation and Validation of “Brief Bedside Dysphagia Screening Test” in a Greek Sample of Neurological Patient. OBM Geriatrics 2021,5(2):1-14.
  2. Eleni Dokoutsidou, Moussa Alodat, Christos Mavrogiannis, Konstantinos Georgiou, Eleftheria Giannakoulopoulou, Petros Galanis, Constantinos Loukas, Lars Enochsson, Evangelos Georgiou. Performance Assessment of Subjects with Nursing Education Trained in Sigmoidoscopy by Means of a Simulator. Gastroenterology Nursing 2020, Vol 43(6)Nov/Dec,411-421.
  3. Demeneopoulou Sophia, Mantzorou Marianna, Margari Nikoletta, Mandysova Petra, Dokoutsidou Eleni, Tsiligianni Aggeliki, Adamakidou Theodoula. Dysphagia Prevalence in a Greek Sample of Elderly Patients with Neurological Diseases. European Geriatric Medicine 2020 11(Suppl 1):S1-S309.
  4. Konstantinos Giakoumidakis, Nikolaos V. Fotos, Anastasia A. Chatziefstratiou, Eleni Dokoutsidou, Hero Brokalaki. The use of central venous pressure for the assessment of patients’ hemodynamics. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 2019, 6(7):646-650.
  5. Kourkouta Lambrini, Georgoudi Aikaterini, Dokoutsidou Eleni. Prevention of urinary tract infections by urinary catheters. International Journal of Caring Sciences Conference 2019,Suppl(2):129.
  6. Sofia A. Balodimou, Efstathia G. Papageorgiou, Eleni E. Dokoutsidou, Dimitris E. Papageorgiou, Evridiki P. Kaba, Martha N. Kelesi. Greek nurses’ knowledge on the prevention of surgical site infection: an investigation. Journal of Wound Care 2018,27(12):876-884.


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