MSc in “Wounds and Ulcers Care and Treatment”


Faculty: Health and Care Sciences

Department: Nursing

Director: Prof. Martha Kelesi


The Postgraduate Program (Msc) entitled “Wounds and Ulcers Care and Treatment” is supported by the Department of Nursing of the Faculty of Health and Care Sciences of the University of West Attica.


The subject of the program is the Management of Wounds and Chronic Ulcers as well as the research to this scientific field.

This Postgraduate Program is following the “Wound and Ulcer, Treatment and care» Master Degree Program that has been in operation since 2014. Since the launch of the Program, 218 students have been admitted and 117 have graduated (until January 2022).

The Program has operated five academic cycles to date. The number of participants is fixed, maximum of forty-five (45) graduate students per cycle.

The duration of the postgraduate program leading to the award of the Master Degree (MSc) is set at four (4) academic semesters.


Admission to the Postgraduate Studies Program is regulated by Article 4 of the Official Gazette No.3312/10.08.2018. Medical and Nursing Science graduates as well as all relevant health sciences graduates, of Greek and accredited Foreign Higher Education Institutions, are admitted to the MSc. The registered students come from diverse allied fields, a fact that enriches the mutual interaction and interdisciplinary discussion and approach on the subject.

In order to complete their studies, students are required to attend and successfully complete courses and / or writing papers, as well as to undertake a Thesis. The first, second and third semester include teaching (tutorials, clinical training tutorials, laboratory exercises and examination). In the fourth semester the master thesis is conducted. Lessons are taught through lectures and distance learning tools. Up to 35% of the lectures may be attended by the students through a distance learning platform at the level of theoretical teaching (par. 3, no. 30, L.4485/2017).

Acquiring an MSc degree requires a total of one hundred twenty (120) ECTS. The courses of each of the first three semesters correspond to 30 credits (ECTS). The master’s thesis also corresponds to 30 credits (ECTS).


Main Objectives of the Program are:

  • Providing knowledge on current developments in the management of acute and chronic wounds and ulcers.
  • Development of research in the field of new technologies related to the healing of chronic wounds and ulcers.
  • Development of scientists with the skills required for successful careers in the private, public and academic sector in the field of prevention, care and treatment of chronic wounds and ulcers.
  • Development of scientists with the skills required in treating stomies.
  • Development of scientists to meet the training needs for continuous training in the workplace.
  • Providing specialized knowledge and techniques in the future professionals of the wider area of health, in rapidly growing sectors of the academic field.
  • Staffing of the Nursing Units and especially intensive care units (trauma, burns) and Emergency   Department by qualified scientists.
  • Staffing of the Mobile Units for services in pre-hospital level.
  • Contribution to the improvement of the health system.


The graduates would be able to:

  • Plan and implement nursing care in patients with acute and chronic wounds and ulcers.
  • Participate and develop research in the field of new technologies related to the healing of chronic wounds and ulcers.
  • Organize and manage teams for wounds and ulcers caring and treatment at every level of organized health care system as in each level of administrative responsibility.
  • Staff hospitals and outpatient structures of the public and private sector.

The Program produces important scientific work. This is evidenced by the organized participation in important national and international conferences and the significant number of scientific publications. Scientific articles, with the participation of postgraduate students primarily, have been published in prestigious scientific journals such as the International Wound Journal, International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds, Journal of Wound Ostomy and Continence Care Nursing, Journal of Wound Care, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Journal of B.U.ON., etc.


The MSc employs faculty members of the Department of Nursing specialized in trauma and ulcers, as well as Clinical and Academic Scientists with national and international accreditation who guarantee a high level of education for postgraduate students.

Tuition fees are 3.000 euros for the entire duration of the Program (750 euros for each semester).