3rd Semester

3rd Semester
Course Code Course Title Specialization Category Course Hours ECTS Course Tutors
General Background Mandatory
ΝΟΣ0303 Epidemiology ΜΓΥ Theory 3 4 Plakas Sotirios
ΝΟΣ0306 Bioethics – Legislation in Nursing Profession ΜΓΥ Theory 2 2 Vlachou Eugenia
Special Background - Elective Mandatory
ΝΟΣ0301 Foundamentals of Nursing II ΜΕΥ Theory 3 - Lab 4 8 Kelesi – Stavropoulou Martha
Special Background Mandatory
ΝΟΣ0304 Health Promotion and Preventing Nursing ΜΕΥ Theory 3 4 Fasoi Georgia
ΝΟΣ0305 Nutritional Health Care ΜΕΥ Theory 2 2 Margari Nikoletta
Specialized - Elective Mandatory
ΝΟΣ0307.1 School Nursing ΜΕ Theory 2 2 Kalemikerakis Ioannis
ΝΟΣ0307.2 Nursing of Occupational Health and Safety ΜΕ Theory 2 2 Adamakidou Theodoula, Mantzorou Marianna
ΝΟΣ0307.3 Family Nursing ΜΕ Theory 2 2 Plakas Sotirios
Specialized Mandatory
ΝΟΣ0302 Community Nursing I ΜΕ Theory 3 - Lab 4 8 Fasoi Georgia