Nursing Rehabilitation Research Laboratory for Chronically ill Patients

Director: Ioannis Kalemikerakis, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, School of Health and Welfare Sciences, University of West Attica.


The Research Laboratory of Nursing Rehabilitation of Chronically ill Patients (NRCI Lab) was founded in 2015 within the operation of the TEI of Athens and was re-established on 6/3/2019 as a laboratory of the Department of Nursing of the School of Health Sciences, University of West Attica, with mission:


  1. The coverage at undergraduate and postgraduate level of teaching and research needs of the Department and also other Departments of the University of West Attica in matters that fall within the field of knowledge of the Laboratory, as those are defined in the 1st paragraph and are part of the curriculum planning of the relevant Department.


  1. The support of doctoral and postdoctoral research in matters related to teaching and research objects of the Laboratory.


  1. The promotion of teaching and research collaborations among professors and researchers in related or complementary scientific fields of specialization within the University of West Attica.


  1. Any form of cooperation with Research Centers and Academic Institutions of country and abroad, on condition that objectives are coincided, aligned and complementary with those of the Laboratory’s, established in a spirit of reciprocity and collective work.


  1. Cooperation with bodies of wider public sector, local government organizations, scientific social and professional bodies, international organizations or associations, as well as with efficient bodies of the private sector in  relevant scientific fields, in order to contribute to the joint investigation of solutions and suggestions for addressing contemporary problems.


  1. The provision of opinions as experts on issues related to the cognitive objects of the Laboratory, due to the current legislation.


  1. The furnish of services to individuals and organizations in accordance with project’s and legals’ provisions.


  1. The attraction of research funded by national and international resources in scientific fields of activity of the Laboratory or individual fields of specialization of its members.


  1. Organized Scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposium, conferences and other scientific events, the implementation of publications and publications and the invitation of Greek and foreign distinguished scientists. The “Laboratory of Nursing Rehabilitation of Chronically ill Patients – NAHP” aims to serve the educational and research needs in the subjects of Basic Nursing, Community Nursing and Nursing Public Health, Pediatric Nursing and Nursing of Mental Health.