Kalogianni Antonia

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++30 2105385616

Name: Antonia Kalogianni

Current Position: Associate Professor

Scientific Domain: Surgical Nursing – Patient Education (Code ΑPELLA): 11953

Sector: Medical and surgical nursing

Αdministrative positions:

Laboratory: “ICU Follow- up Care Lab”

Tel: 2105385616

Email: antonia_cal@uniwa.gr

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Antonia-Kalogianni

Google Scholar Profile: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=z2bnRz0AAAAJ&hl=el

Orcid ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5261-4253


Education: PhD, Department of Nursing, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2015). MSc in Clinical Nursing, Department of Nursing of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA 2001), Graduate of Nursing (RN): a) Department of Nursing of the (NKUA 1995) b) Department of Nursing, School of Health Professions, TEI Athens (1990)

Research interests: Surgical Nursing, Patient Education, Clinical Nursing, (Medical, Emergency, Intensive Nursing)

Academic appointments: Total 13 years: 10 years in the position of Laboratory Instructor and 3 years in the position of Assistant Professor

Professional experience: 18 years in Evaggelismos hospital. Specifically: 5 years as registered clinical nurse in Cardiology and Surgery department and 12 years as nursing educator in the Surgical Nursing Department.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses: Surgical Nursing (Theory & Nursing practice laboratory), Cardiac Surgery Nursing (Theory), Medical Nursing (Nursing practice laboratory), Clinical Nursing (Nursing practice laboratory)  

Postgraduate Courses: a) “Trauma Units” (Nursing Department University of West Attica (UWA) “Injuries and Ulcers, Treatment and Care” b) “Education and Counseling of patients” (Nursing Department UWA “Specialized Clinical Nursing”c) Emergency and intensive nursing (Medical Department (NKUA: ICU-Cardiology Nursing) d) “Theories of Nursing and Nursing based on evidence” (Medical Department (NKUA: ICU)

Other information:

Member of the Board of Hellenic Nurses Association (HNA)

Member of the Hellenic Nurses Association(ENE)

Associate Editor of “Health and Research” Journal

Member of the editorial Board of the “Hellenic Journal of Nursing”

Member of the Editorial Board of the “Rostrum of Asclepius Journal”


Recent publications

  1. Tsoulou V, Vasilopoulos G, Kapadohos T, Panoutsopoulos G, Kalogianni A, Toulia G, Koutelekos I, Gerogianni G, Polikandrioti M. Information Needs in Percutaneous Coronary Artery Intervention: Validation and Reliability Analysis of NPCI-10 Item Scale. 2021 13 (1):e12718.
  2. Seremeti K., Vasilopoulos, G., Toylia G., Kadda O., Kourousi E., Karimali D., & Kalogianni A. Musculoskeletal pain management in the Emergency Department. Health & Research Journal 2020, 6 (1):36-46.
  3. Kalaronis P, Kalogianni A, Kelesi M, Evagelidou E, Mpalla I, Karanasou A, Marvaki C. Analgesia of acute abdominal pain in the Emergency Department. Health & Research Journal 2019, 5 (3): 86-98.
  4. Papadopoulou S, Konstantakopoulou O, Kalogianni A, Kelesi-Stavropoulou M, Kapadohos T. Survival rate of incoming patients with cardiac arrest at the cardiology infirmary of the emergency department of a public hospital in Greece. Health & Research Journal 2019, 5 (2): 53-65.
  5. Monastirioti M, Kalogianni A, Vasilopoulos G, Papageorgiou D. Causes of admission of patients 18-30 years old in intensive care units. Health & Research Journal 2019, 5 (1): 20-29.
  6. Bougioti S, Marvaki C, Toylia G, Sapountzis I, Kalogianni A. Stroke outcomes at the pathological clinic of a public hospital. Rostrum of Asclepius 20(4): 476-494.
  7. Bonikou M, Kotanidou A, Vasilopoulos G, Toulia G, Michopanou N, Kalogianni A. Factors associated with increased risk postoperative bleeding in patients after cardiac surgery. Perioperative Nursing (2020), 9 (2): 84-101.
  8. Kalogianni A, Paulatou N, Efstathiou F, Touloupa E, Vasileiou E, Toulia G, Athanasiou E. Management of the Acute Pain in the Emergency Department. Nosileftiki 2018, 57 (2):96-206.


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