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Assistant Professor


Office Address

Building Κ15, office 16

Name: Stelios Parissopoulos

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Intensive Care Nursing and Medical Anthropology Scientific Domain: Nursing – (Code ΑPELLA): 32918

Sector: Medical & Surgical Nursing

Laboratory: Building K 13

Tel: ++30 210 538-5613 [secretariat]

Office: Κ15 office 16, tel. +30 210 538-7499

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PUBLONS – Web of Science Researcher ID: AAZ-7158-2021



  • PhD at the Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens (2021)
  • BSc-Hons in Social Anthropology, Panteion University, Athens (2009).
  • BSc Professional Practice – Intensive Care Pathway (ICU course) and Mentor Preparation course, University of Brighton (2008)
  • Master of Medical Science in Clinical Nursing, The University of Sheffield (2000)
  • Degree in Nursing, Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens (1994)
  • 6-month internship, Erasmus Exchange program at Sheffield Hallam University and Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK (1993-1994)


Research interests: His research and writing interests include topics such as: Intensive Care, Nursing (Clinical Decision Making, Nurses’ Professional Identity), Ethnographic and Qualitative Investigation of the Experience of illness and “Caring”, Anthropology of Health and Disease . He has published in Greek and international journals, conference proceedings, and has >300 citations in internationally recognized journals and scholarship work (PhD and Master theses). He is also a member of the research laboratory “ICU Follow-up Care Lab”, .


Academic appointments: Mr. Parissopoulos taught as a lecturer at the Department of Nursing of T.E.I. of Athens and since March 2018 he has been teaching at the University of West Attica. He has taught in higher education institutions (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level) in Greece and abroad. Mr. Parissopoulos was Erasmus Academic Coordinator from 2009 to 2013 and continues to be member of the Erasmus Committee.


Professional experience: Mr. Parissopoulos lived and worked in England from 1996 to 2009. He served for a number of years in various departments and units – ICU General and Cardiac Surgery, Accident & Emergency [Medical Admissions], Medical Ward, Department of Rehabilitation of the Elderly – as a nurse (Staff Nurse) and then as a Senior Staff Nurse (ICU Band 6) in University Hospitals in the British NHS in the years 1996-2009 (Sheffield, Brighton, London).


Courses Taught

Undergraduate Modules/subjects:

  • Sociology of Health and Illness – theory – year 1
  • Intensive Care Nursing – theory and practice – year 4
  • Diagnostic Nursing – laboratory – year 2
  • Medical Nursing – clinical skills laboratory – year 2
  • Clinical Nursing Internship I – year 3
  • Clinical Nursing Internship II – year 4
  • Erasmus student – incoming – spring and winter semester

Postgraduate Courses:

  • Lectures at the master course “Neurological Diseases-Modern Practice Based on Evidence”, 2014-2018
  • Lectures at the master course “Management of Chronic Diseases”, 2018-2023
  • Lectures at the master course “Community and Public Health Nursing” 2020-2024
  • Lectures at the master course “Intensive Care Units – Cardiology, Medicine and Nursing Care”, 2020-2023
  • Lectured at the master course “Treatment and Care of Wounds and Ulcers”, 2021
  • Supervising professor / member of a supervising committee in degree, master theses and PhDs
  • Teaching, presentations and clinical tutorials at conferences and universities abroad with the Erasmus teaching mobility program (Belgium, Finland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Ireland, Cyprus)


Book Editor in translation

  • Original work: 2021 Nettleton S. Sociology of Health and Illness (4rth edition), Polity


Recent publications

  • 2023 Koutsavli D, A Kalogianni, E B Souvatzi, E Misouridou, G Toulia, D Papageorgiou, F Timmins, M Kelesi-Stavropoulou, T Kapadochos, C Charitos, A Stavropoulou, E Kaba, N Pavlatou, N Margari, S Parissopoulos, ICU Follow-Up Care Lab, Department of Nursing, University of West Attica, Athens, The lived experience of patients with left ventricular assist devices: a systematic review of qualitative studies, European Heart Journal, 44, Issue Supplement_2, November 2023, ehad655.2885
  • 2023 Lentzari L, Misouridou E, Karkou V, Paraskeva M, Tsiou C, Govina O, Kalogianni A, Parissopoulos S. The Experience of Dancing Among Individuals with Cerebral Palsy at an Inclusive Dance Group: A Qualitative Study. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2023;1425:443-456. PMID: 37581818
  • 2023 Missouridou E, Segredou E, Stefanou E, Sakellaridi V, Gremou M, Kritsiotakis E, Kokori P, Roditi E, Karahaliou V, Rizavas I, Vasiliou A, Patseas S, Parissopoulos S. Family Recovery from Addiction and Trauma: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Mothers’ Lived Experience. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2023;1425:105-117. PMID: 37581785
  • 2023 Missouridou E, Mangoulia P, Pavlou V, Kasidi K, Parissopoulos S, Apostolara P, Roditi E, Sakellaridi V, Koutelekos I, Fasoi G, Fradelos E. Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Spiritual Coping Strategies Scale (SCSS) for Greece. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2023;1425:183-190. PMID: 37581792
  • 2023 Mpouzika, M.; Iordanou, S.; Kyranou, M.; Iliopoulou, K.; Parissopoulos, S.; Kalafati, M.; Karanikola, M.; Papathanassoglou, E. Strategies of Screening and Treating Post-Extubation Dysphagia: An Overview of the Situation in Greek-Cypriot ICUs. Healthcare 2023, 11, 2283. PubMed
  • 2023 Psarrou A, Adamakidou T, Apostolara P, Koreli A, Drakopoulou M, Plakas S, Mastrogiannis D, Mantoudi A, Parissopoulos S, Zartaloudi A, et al. Associations between Physical Activity and Health-Related Quality of Life among Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study in Urban Greece. Geriatrics. 2023; 8(3):61. PubMed
  • 2023 Moustakopoulou, L.; Adamakidou, T.; Plakas, S.; Drakopoulou, M.; Apostolara, P.; Mantoudi, A.; Mastrogiannis, D.; Zartaloudi, A.; Parissopoulos, S.; Koreli, A.; Mantzorou, M. Exploring Loneliness, Fear and Depression among Older Adults during the COVID-19 Era: A Cross-Sectional Study in Greek Provincial Towns. Healthcare 2023, 11, 1234. PubMed
  • 2023 Timmins F, Green Chloe, Parissopoulos Stelios, Thompson David R. Management and Leadership of Intensive Care Units for the Future. Nursing in Critical Care, 28:2, IF: 2.897 – accepted
  • 2023 Parissopoulos, S.; Timmins, F.; Mpouzika, M.; Mantzorou, M.; Kapadochos, T.; Papagaroufali, E. Intensive Care Nurses’ Experience of Caring in Greece; A Qualitative Study. Healthcare 2023, 11, 164, IF:3.160 PubMed
  • 2023 Lentzari Lydia, Evdokia Misouridou, Vicky Karkou, Marianthe Paraskeva, Chrysoula Tsiou, Ourania Govina, Antonia Kalogianni and Stelios Parissopoulos. The Experience of Dancing Among Individuals with Cerebral Palsy at an Inclusive Dance Group. A Qualitative Study. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (AEMB), Book series, accepted 1/10/22 IF:2.622 Medline/PubMed
  • 2023 Missouridou Evdokia, Eirini Segredou, Evangelia Stefanou, Vasiliki Sakellaridi, Marilena Marilena Gkremou, Emmanuel Kritsiotakis, Panagiota Kokori, Eleni Roditi, Evangelia Karahaliou, Ioannis Rizavas, Antonios Vasiliou, Stavros Patseas and Stelios Parissopoulos. Family recovery from addiction and trauma: An Interpretative Phemomenological Analysis of mothers’ lived experience. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (AEMB) Book series, accepted 1/10/22 IF:3.650, Medline/PubMed
  • 2023 Missouridou Evdokia, Polyxeni Mangoulia, Vassiliki Pavlou, Ekaterini Kasidi, Stelios Parissopoulos, Paraskevi Apostolara, Eleni Roditi, Vasiliki Sakellaridi, Ioannis Koutelekos, Georgia Fasoi and Evangelos Fradelos. Cultural Adaptation and validation of the Spiritual Coping Strategies Scale (SCSS) for Greece. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (AEMB), Book series, accepted 1/10/22 IF:2.622, Medline/PubMed


Other information: He is a member of the Hellenic Nursing Association (HNA), the Hellenic Nursing Union (HNU), the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), and holds a valid nurse registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK (1996-2023).


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