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Name: Angeliki Stamou

Current Position: Lecturer

Scientific Domain: Nursing

Sector: C ‘Adult Nursing, Pathological – Surgical Nursing

Laboratory: Building K 13, 2nd floor, room 205

Tel: 210 538-5642-649, 2105385879


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1981: Degree of Higher Technical and Vocational Training Centers (ΚΑΤΕΕ), Higher School for Administrative Staff in Health and Welfare Sectors, Department for Nurses.

1986: Degree in Nursing at the University of Athens.

1991: Specialty in “Pathology Nursing” in the Hospital “Evangelismos”.

1993: Degree of the Pedagogical Technical School – Technical and Vocational Teacher Training Institute (PATES/ SELETE).

2009: Master’s degree in “Intensive Care Units – Emergency Nursing”.

2012: PhD candidate in the Department of Nursing at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Research interests: Patient’s experience and the effects during and after hospitalization in the ICU, management of death, Descriptive / Interpretive Phenomenology.

Academic appointments

1994-2010: Lecturer at the Department of Nursing, former TEI of Athens, Sector A ‘, Basic Nursing Primary Health Care.

2010-2018: Lecturer at the Department of Nursing, former TEI of Athens Sector B Nursing Adult-Pathological-Surgical Nursing.

2018-present: Lecturer at the Department of Nursing (Section C ‘), University of West Attica.

Professional experience:

1993-1994: Head of the educational division of the Nursing service in the “Aghioi Anargyroi” General Oncology Hospital of Kifissia.

1993-1994: Division Head Nurse in the Pathology Division of the “Aghioi Anargyroi” General Oncology Hospital of Kifissia.

1985-1993: Chief nursing officer in the pathology- oncology department of the “Aghioi Anargyroi” General Oncology Hospital of Kifissia.

1983-1985: Head Nurse in the “Aghioi Anargyroi” General Oncology Hospital of Kifissia.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses: Intensive Care Nursing, Oncology Palliative Nursing, Surgical Nursing I, Clinical Nursing I, Clinical Nursing II.

Postgraduate Courses

Lectures at the MPS entitled “Neurological Diseases-Modern Practice Based on Evidence”.

Lectures at the MPS entitled “Chronic, Disease Management-Oncology and Palliative Care”.

Supervising professor / member of a three-member committee in thesis and diploma theses.


Other information

Founder Member of the Hellenic Society of Nursing Research and Education (EENEE) in Athens.

Member of the National Nurses Association of Greece (ESNE),

Member of the Nursing ICU Research Laboratory Intensive Care Unit Follow up – Care Lab.

Editing chapters of the Greek version in the books: “Intensive Nursing. From theory to practice “. S. Adam, S. Osborne, J. Welch. Konstantara Medical Publications, 2021.

“Bates’ Nursing Guide for Clinical Examination and History.” Beth Hogan-Quigley, Mary Louise Palm & Lynn Bickley. Konstantara Medical Publications, 2018.


Recent publications

Stamou, A. (2021). Patient’s Experience of Being Critical Ill in Intensive Care Unit. Nosileftiki, 60 (2).

Agorogianni, D., Michalopoulos, E., Prantzou, A., Liaskou, C., Stamou, A., Kapadochos, T., & Tzenalis, A. (2021). Clinical indicators as prognostic factors of multi-trauma patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Health & Research Journal, 7 (4), 206-218.

Zartaloudi, A., Kalini, S., Kavga, A., & Stamou, A. (2021). 527-Anxiety in older Greek patients undergoing hemodialysis. International Psychogeriatrics, 33 (S1): 73-74.

Kossioris, A., Kossioris, E., Koukoularis, D., Stamou, A., Kyritsi, E., & Koutelekos, I. (2020). Perception of Medical and Nursing Personnel Regarding the Likelihood of Occurring Infectious Disease Disasters: Analysis of 2010 decade data. Nosileftiki, 59 (3).

Stamou, A., Kokmotou, E., & Koukoularis, D. (2019). The Near Death Experiences of Patients Survivors from Severe Illness.. Nosileftiki, 58 (1).


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